We recommend the following ages for neutering in dogs:

  • Bitches can be spayed from 6 months old, prior to their first season, or 3 months post season (as this is the safest time to spay). For large breed dogs, we recommend carrying out the procedure after their first season for optimum health benefits
  • We will be offering keyhole (laparoscopic) spay, which is recommended for bitches over 12kg as it improves their comfort post-surgery. Please discuss this in clinic when booking
  • Dogs can be castrated at any point after the age of 6 months. For maximum health benefits it is advised that they are neutered by 5 years old. For behavioural benefits, neutering earlier is often recommended
  • For giant breeds of dogs, it is recommended that they are not neutered until 12-18 months old, which allows time for their bones and joints to fully mature, as this takes longer in very large breeds
  • Queens (female cats) are spayed from 6 months old
  • Toms (male cats) are castrated from 6 months old
  • It is possible to carry out these procedures in cats earlier than this in exceptional circumstances, that can be discussed further with a vet if required